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Worker’s Comp

Alabama workers’ compensation lawyers

The state of Alabama has technical laws and requirements related to workers’ compensation. Jim Pino & Associates P.C. has a thorough knowledge of those laws and extensive experience in representing clients who were injured on the job. Regardless of how you were injured at work, or whether you were injured while performing a work-related activity away from your place of business, Jim Pino & Associates, P.C. can help.

Even if your workers’ compensation case is fairly simple, and will not require filing a lawsuit, an experienced lawyer can explain the applicable laws and help you recover the money you are owed. If you have not been fully compensated for lost wages or medical costs, we can file a workers’ compensation claim. If your workers’ comp claim cannot be settled initially with the workers’ comp insurance carrier, we can file your case in Circuit Court and let a Judge determine your rightful benefits. We can also determine whether pursuing a third party claim is warranted.

Workers’ comp benefits

If you are injured while working, you are entitled to benefits. Benefits cover a wide range of disabilities acquired on the job, both short- and long-term. There are three types of benefits: lost wages equal to about two-thirds of your average gross wages (subject to certain limitations), medical fees, and vocational rehabilitation or retraining. At Jim Pino & Associates, P.C., we will fight to obtain proper compensation and benefits for you no matter how severe your injuries.

While your rights may be limited with technical laws and requirements,  Jim Pino & Associates P.C. will handle your case with determination and attention to detail. If your claim was not initially settled, they will work hard in the litigation process to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. Please note that you may also be entitled to Social Security disability benefits, and Jim Pino & Associates P.C. has experience in that area as well. Jim Pino & Associates P.C. understands how these two types of cases intertwine so as to maximize your recovery from both.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, please contact us.